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I have cried a hundred + tears by now in my journey of The Adoption Project. I fear crying, but it comes so easily for me when strong emotions are thrown into what I’m doing. What’s funny is I know many more tears are to come in this journey!

I’ve cried in the creation of this project because of the experiences of my parents and siblings. I’ve cried because of the experiences of birth mothers and birth fathers everywhere. I’ve cried because of the complete joy and wholeness that is felt in having a family and raising children that are yours forever. I’ve cried because the Holy Ghost has witnessed truth to me of the plan Heavenly Father has for His children and eternal family units.

And I have cried because of how much anxiety I have over wanting this project to be what I have envisioned it being. For a few months now, I have been striving to find families and individuals to meet and document in the most unobtrusive ways. I long to learn from their sincerity and strength.

I have stayed up late into the night {many times} worrying about what I want to gain from this project, as well as what skills and time I lack to make it great. Some nights I feel conquered and unmotivated to create; crying myself into a blubbering mess of discouragement.

I went to bed the other night thinking about how nervous I was that I wouldn’t get any of my goals completed in time for the project senior showcase. I was feeling so sorry for myself and all of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual circumstances.

And then a thought came to remember why I started. I thought about all the birth mothers and fathers, families who were in the process of adopting, those who secretly yearned for adoption and those families who are currently raising adopted children; all of whom must, at some point, cry themselves to sleep over their challenging circumstances.

If there is anything I hope to gain from this project it is to open the eyes of all who watch these films and read these blog posts – to the experiences of the individuals who play a part in the adoption process, including the birth parents, those who hope to adopt and those who have gone through the adoption process as parents and children. I hope to be able to share their testimonies with you in a way that catches your heart and mind on fire and helps teach you the miraculous gift that is the life of a child – regardless of how they are born into the family.

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch a documentary called “The Drop Box.” This is without a doubt one of the most touching documentaries I have seen. If you or your friends or family have the opportunity to watch this documentary – I advise you to {it’s on Netflix!}. Pastor Lee, the founder of the particular ‘baby drop box’ in Seoul, South Korea, is a miracle worker for what he does. He is nicknamed a ‘preserver of life’ because that is precisely what he offers birth mothers who cannot care for their infants. Pastor Lee sees the potential of these abandoned infants and takes them in to provide them with a better life than what their birth mothers felt they were capable of.

At one point in the documentary, Pastor Lee is asked how he has been able to do what he does. He replies that through the challenges he faced with his disabled son, he was able to learn “step by step, [through] faith, prayer, and His word… I lived.” And that is how he lives still.

The Drop Box signifies a need for adoption and I pray that those infants who are taken there are given the happy families and homes that their birth mothers hope for them. I know that despite how many children are orphaned every day, no one is ever really an orphan. We have a loving Heavenly Father and Mother who wish to have us back in their presence. Heavenly Father has sent us here {all of us} with a purpose and mission to do His will and care for others unconditionally.

It is my hope that you can find the lessons necessary for yourself in this- The Adoption Project. A film of my parents and their experiences will become available for view within the next two weeks. Thank you for following this project, supporting my efforts and loving the families and individuals in your own life that have been touched by adoption.

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