A recent article about the late apostle, Elder Scott of the LDS church, tells of his experience with adopting 4 children of his own with his wife, Jeanene.

One of his oldest sons, Michael, tells of his parents’ attitude towards adoption while raising him. “And it’s interesting,” Michael said, “from the time we were little, they would say, ‘Oh yes, you’re adopted, but don’t worry, that’s just the way Heavenly Father used to get us together. We were always meant to be this family, and that’s just the method He used’ ” (CES fireside, Sept. 12, 2010).

Our next highlighted family has similar beliefs about Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness and how He uses adoption to complete eternal families.

At the CES fireside cited above, Elder Scott would allude to that attitude when mentioning parents who are not physically able to have children: “I am a witness that the Lord can guide such parents to spirits He would have in their home though the process of adoption. Later, when those children are sealed in the temple by the authority of the holy priesthood, they are in every sense equivalent to children born to that couple in the covenant.”  (Quotes taken from article in Church News, Week of Sept. 27, 2015, “Family Tragedy was a Pivotal Moment for the Scotts”)

I add my testimony to Elder Scott’s and bear testimony that God works in the best ways possible to bring eternal families together, including the method of Adoption.