Photo Credit: Lana Strathearn Photo Credit: Lana Strathearn

This is Lana. You may have seen her name and photographs if you have been following our posts. Lana is a literal ray of bright, glorious sunshine. She’s more passionate about documenting beautiful, truthful, intriguing people and experiences, than anyone I know.

Lana offered to help with The Adoption Project in photographing for some of the shoots we had with our featured adoption advocates and for the Senior Showcase I presented at. There’s been few things more special to me in this project than getting to share stories, thoughts, advice and similar dreams / ambitions with her. Without the support from Lana, The Adoption Project might not be be what it is { she might deny this – but don’t listen to her! }.

There have been so many others that have helped behind-the-scenes on The Adoption Project. Sometimes it is simply the support from God and loved ones that keep us motivated in journeys that can be challenging. This can be just as true in the adoption process. Who are the people in your life that help you stay on course? What experiences have you had that make you grateful for the people around you?