Photo Credit: Lana Strathearn Photo Credit: Lana Strathearn

I’ve had some health and family priorities that have required my full attention so I have missed a few posts. Needless to say I have one last post that might sum up all the thoughts I’ve had. It being the start of the holiday season – my love for my family and service has been strengthened a great deal. I know there is nothing more important than our own testimonies than family in this life. Family can be made up of those born to the same two parents, adopted by those other than their birth parents, individuals who are joined by a marriage, or not. Family really is what you make it. Once you have found those special souls to love and be apart of your family – they are yours. No greater bonds can be had than with our family, besides that with our Heavely Father.

The Adoption Project has not only taught me specifically about adoption in all its aspects. It’s taught me a great deal about love.

Love exceeds blood. Love exceeds race. It triumphs over all mistakes and heartache and  sorrow. Love can mend hearts.

Love is most definitely an action more than it is a feeling. Love can teach us when we give it and receive it. Love can create miracles and save lives.

It is love that creates our families. It is love that motivates good works, especially in our homes.

My hope is that you have learned something about love and Heavenly Father’s plan of Happiness while viewing The Adoption Project. I pray as I continue this project that more families can find their loved ones and strengthen the family bonds they have.

Thank you once again for your constant support in The Adoption Project. I’d love to hear what thoughts you have about adoption in general or what you’ve learned about love through your experiences.

I am in the process of creating a photo book that will be viewable to the public soon. Visit back to see it!