Photo Credit: Whitney Majors Photo Credit: Whitney Majors

This preview of “The Martins : Hoping to adopt” will give you a quick glimpse of the charm and optimism that Seth and Mary Martin have in their adoption process. We had the great opportunity to sit down with them and discuss some of their hopes, fears, beliefs and experiences in adoption and we learned a great deal.

The Martins are truly what you would call a power couple. Each has qualities that compliment the other and it is no doubt that they have kept each other faithful through their journey of starting a family. We love listening to their experiences as they’ve come to know that adoption is for them. We hope you do too as you watch their full short film tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the BYU-Idaho Communication Senior Showcase where I, Whitney Majors, will be presenting The Adoption Project, and all our short documentary films, as part of my Senior Project. Please come see me at the I-Center 2nd floor hallway between 4-6 PM!