One of the most rewarding things in The Adoption Project has been the reactions I’ve received with each featured families/individuals in our films. It was especially rewarding to me as I watched my parents {The Smiths} watch their film.

Today I’d like to share some images with you of their reactions. But first, they have a comment.

iPhone 6 picture of a printed photograph iPhone 6 picture of a printed photograph

In their short film, my dad cracks an inside joke about how ‘Tyler certainly wasn’t the cutest baby’ out of all those they saw while deciding on their child through photographs. My mom adds that, “Without a doubt, Tyler was the cutest baby we saw. This {the photo above} was one of the pictures that we saw that was not a good reflection of him and that gave Dell that thought! Of course we knew he was ours, when we saw pictures of him later and he looked even cuter.”

Certainly, looks are not everything when choosing a child to adopt! We love to tease as we know and love Tyler as our cute, baby brother. 

I required that my parents FaceTime me as I watched them watch their short film for the first time. My mother is not a fan of being photographed or recorded so I know this was a huge thing for her. Here are some of the reactions I got!

Unless you know my dad you probably won’t be able to tell that he is smiling, but he is smiling in these. There’s nothing sweet to me than seeing that. When the film ended he said in his Italian accent, “Makes-a-me wanna cry!” Whenever he says that, I know he really was touched. 😀

“Makes-a-me wanna cry!”

Thanks for continuing to follow this series. I hope to see many more of these same precious and positive reactions from other families and individuals!