Photo Credit: Whitney Majors Photo Credit: Whitney Majors

Thanks a million to everyone who supported Whitney Majors and The Adoption Project last night at the BYU-Idaho Communication Senior Showcase. Especially the Martins whose film was just released yesterday! (take a look if you haven’t already)

Everyone who I talked to last night was genuinely interested in this series and asked lots of awesome questions! Many were either adopted themselves, adoptive parents, had siblings who were adopted or knew a friend or neighbor who had been adopted. I was delighted to even meet a few individuals who personally knew the families that are apart of The Adoption Project series.

I may be done with my Senior Project but this is just the beginning for The Adoption Project. It’s easy to continue a cause when you’re passionate about it!

Thank you again for your constant support and feedback. I hope this project is a blessing to not only the adoption community, but to all others!

Keep an eye out for more adoption stories and thoughts for the rest of National Adoption Month!