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Today’s Adoption Post touches on general thoughts about finding true peace in our Savior, Jesus Christ in times of trial. In adoption, there are most certainly obstacles that can {and sometimes do} keep a child from being adopted in the process. But putting faith in our Comforter and Redeemer can make some obstacles conquerable, but most of all – give us lasting peace. Read the remainder of this blog post to see more of our thoughts on this subject.

There is a lot to be scared or hurt or mad about in our individual lives. I believe that when we are feeling afflicted, it is only human to respond with hurt, fear or even anger.

But nothing – NOTHING – is as healing as the love of our Saving, Atoning Redeemer – Jesus Christ. God is at the head of the LDS church. He has dominion over all that is done within it and He knows what He is doing. We cannot pretend to know or understand why all things are organized the way God has organized them. This is not ignorance. This is faith – the very basis of testimony, a hope for knowledge of TRUE things. And if you look at things with an eternal perspective, it was never meant to be that we understand everything, even through our hurt. I know through study of God’s word, pondering and prayer, that all people have been placed on the Earth to gain knowledge of right and wrong, to be tested, tried, and to find happiness in the knowledge that we have been redeemed by a loving Savior.

I pray that as God’s children, all friends, all family, the entire world and I can come to know these truths through faith in Christ. He can make all things whole. He can calm our troubled mind and heart. And at times, if we ask, He can give us understanding. All it takes is for us to pray to Him in faith, knowing that He will bless us as we act according to His doctrine, and we will receive blessings we cannot even imagine for ourselves.

If you know of someone hurting right now, for whatever reason, I ask you to ask them why they hurt. Be their friend. Mourn with them. Pray with them. Help direct them to the Savior by bearing your testimony of Him and His gospel. I ask you to come to a knowledge for yourself who Jesus Christ is, what He did when He died for you and what He desires for you now in your life. I know peace can be had when we come unto Him with a “broken heart and a contrite spirit” and learn more fully – His nature and doctrine. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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