I just watched Twinsters on Netflix and let me tell you – this is one of the more amazing stories I’ve seen or heard! The Logline: “This documentary chronicles the true story of a French fashion student who discovered via the Internet an identical twin she never knew existed.”

This breathtaking documentary tells of how Samantha Futerman, an actress from New Jersey, and Anaïs Bordier, French fashion student, find each other, meet, get to know each other and their adoptive families. They even go back to their birthplace in Korea, and visit a Korean adoptee convention. It’s fascinating to see how the two grow such a deep love for each other so quickly and how meeting each other has changed their lives.

Their story has taught me that “Family is what you make of it.” While these twin birth sisters did not grow up together in their adoptive families, they still have just as much love for each other as they might have if they had grown up together – if not, more! Sam and Anaïs are great examples of accepting others into your family and loving their influence in life.

I recommend everyone to watch this documentary on Netflix. Like, RIGHT NOW. It will touch your heart and bring you to tears. I love these sisters and their story. I hope to tell stories just as meaningful in The Adoption Project, as well as in other aspects of my life and career.

Let me know your thoughts on the film! I personally love it – I’m buying it for myself for Christmas on iTunes.

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